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This is the only type of music I personally enjoy...for the ignorant; rock music isn't a bunch of noise with some idiot screaming… it's way more than any other genre of music... Alt rock, hardcore, metal, no matter what kind of rock a band plays, they all have their own different sounds… this people are true musicians, believe me, rock is not anything near to fake.

Here are listed just a few bands that  I think everyone should check out:

  • Creed - just listen to their music and you'll know why they are the first ones here.

  • Pearl Jam - ...classic band who played a big part on changing the music scene.

  • Green Day - one of the first bands that ever I listened to… I still love their punk an' roll.

  • Bush - maybe my biggest influence in music.

  • fuel - looking for a great band that hasn't had the exposure they deserve?

  • Stone Temple Pilots - their classic come back says it all… we all hope that Scott stays clean.

If I would list all the bands that I admire and listen to… it would take the whole web page! These r just a few.

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